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Fri May 04, 2012 8:51 pm by Ali3N

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Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:26 pm by AlieNI3G4

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Alien Info
alienAs Called AlieN Is A New Born Team/Group/Force In DoA (Dispatch Of Army) .

First Of All, I Wanted To Thanks Our Assistants Team Member And Our Leader Who Give Me A Chance To Write This Synopsis.

AlieN Force- We Had A Leader And A Few Assistants In Our Force . They Work Hard Every days To Raise This Force/Group Fame. Our Force Is Bourne At 1 June2008 , Same As This Forum. With The Helps Of All Our Members , Our Force/Group Fame Raised Alot In DoA Knife . Alot Of Peoples (Around 30)Join Us Makes Our Force/Group Get More Stronger In A Short Period (7days) . All Our Members Are Now Experts In Knife , And Many Knife Players Hates Us Because We Keep Sweeping Them . They Simply Kick Us And Said To Others That We Use The "AimBot" Or "Hacks" etc.

Skill- Our Official Skill (Also As Called As "Bites") Been Admit As Top 1Knife Skill In DoA , To Learn "Bites" , You Need To Know... Secret !!:haha: . As One Of The Assistant Team Member In AlieN , Im With Glad And Glorious .

Aim - OurAim Is To Get Top 1 In DoA Knife World , So AlieNs Let's Work More Hard And Takes The Thing That Should Belongs To Us !!!! The Top 1 Knife Force Ever !!!!!!

We're Not A Clan , So Please Don't Call Us "AlieN Clan"
Don't Mess With Us Or Your Get Pawned ! P/s : AlieN Please Always Online AlieN ID And Stay Connect With Our Forum .
              provided by : AlieNV7K4

The new era 2012

Fri May 04, 2012 8:51 pm by Ali3N

Its been a long time since i came here. It would be nice to have a game reunion. I heard koreng has …

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